So you have made that big leap in deciding that you no longer want to keep your swimming pool?


Let's face it, ongoing costs involved in maintaining a pool can be quite expensive. Kids are spending more time inside and less time in the great outdoors. The up keep on an unused pool can be a drain on not only the finances, but your energy as well. So, what do you do?


Here are a few idea's if you are thinking about demolishing or removing your pool. 





Granny Flats are all the rage these days. Rental properties are scarce and the housing market has changed dramatically. With today's economy why not make some money for your space. A lot of people are investing in these dwellings to provide their adult children or teenagers independence while they save for a home loan. Or you may need a home office, housing for your elderly parents, or just to have your own retreat space. If you decide this is for you, give us a call because we can assist you even after your pool is removed.





Decking areas are always a popular choice. How nice would it be to sit outside on a warm summers night entertaining friends, or chilling with the family. You will be the envy of all your neighbours. Decking is definitely an inexpensive way to increase the value of your home. 





Turfing has got to be one of the most cost effective ways to cover up your pool removal. Space is one of the most precious housing commodities these days. If your wanting more room for the kids to play or more room for your pets to run around then turfing is your your friendliest safest option. We can even prepare and level your yard for the perfect finish.



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